In The Name of Fashion

Age of Simplicity

Posted in Simplicity by inthenameoffashion on January 15, 2010

Reading about retail predictions in 2010, there is a general theme:

Return to Simplicity – Consumers that have money are now looking for value over splurging on trendy clothing and frivolous things. I see a huge shift for designers and retailers to go back to their roots and reinvent clothing that is the core of their brand message. Now slowly emerging from the recession, consumers are cautiously buying again but won’t be willing to pay the full retail value of clothing due to the previous exposure to discounts. What they need now is a brand that is reasonably priced with great quality clothing. I’d bet that basics like J. Crew, Banana Republic and Uniqlo will emerge as leaders in the retail market as their price points and quality jives with what the consumer now wants. As household brand names with some history, the products of these companies are exactly what the consumer is looking for.

“Retail needs a new formula. They must think like consumers, and consumers want new products they can trust”  – Mario Griariotto, Slowear chief executive officer (WWD)

This is the new age of simplicity, one where we don’t need 5 luxury cars, 20 pairs of the same shoes in different colors and the latest Balmain dress. For now, we’re moving more toward learning to live within our means and we realized that we like it. The new formula is that retailers must appeal to this direction and shift accordingly. As this attitude for upcoming six months come and pass us by, who knows what the next six months will bring.