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EICs = God

Posted in Influence, Magazines by inthenameoffashion on January 14, 2010

Anna. Glenda. Carine. Andre. Grace. Have you heard of them?

I’ve always thought you have really made it once people know you by first name only (think Oprah, Tiger, Lindsay, etc.). So what makes our favorite Editor in Chief’s different than famous actresses and actors? NOTHING.

This people, is the rise of the EICs. As if ruling over the fashion industry with an iron fist isn’t hard enough, the movement toward merging fashion, music, video and entertainment will increase their star power and influence more than we have ever imagined.

Take Grace for example. Before The September Issue, she was never recognized and another unknown in the industry. She is now the darling child of the fashion industry, as well as being embraced by other entertainers (she was a guest on Martha to promote her new book on cats, won BFC’s Fashion Creator award).

Living in NYC, I saw Kate Lanphear at a restaurant in Soho. My jaw dropped, I started nervously tugging at my hair and I couldn’t hold a conversation with my non-fashion obsessed friend, who had no idea who the hell the coolest Senior Fashion Editor at Elle was (the horror!). What IF she knew who Kate was? Would I love Kate as much?

I’ve always been someone who likes to be on the outside, or become a part of a secret society. Having this power / knowledge always interested me more than the bland pop culture that the majority of people embrace today. If in fact, the EICs and fashion industry figures become more well known and mainstream, will that affect my admiration of them? Probably.



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