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Vogue: the New Economists

Posted in Economy, Events, Influence, Vogue by inthenameoffashion on January 27, 2010

Oh lala! Vogue’s influence has reached beyond their target audience of all women everywhere, and to an older gentleman who just happens to be the Industry Minister of France, Christian Estrosi. Beyond that, Vogue is going to single-handedly save the French economy from collapse and reinforce their currently waning fashion presence. In between the imaginative couture shows, meeting and greeting designers John Galliano for Dior and Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy and trying to avoid Kanye, some of the most influential names in the fashion industry, Anna Wintour (EIC of Vogue), Carine Roitfeld (EIC of Vogue Paris) and Hamish Bowles (Editor of European Vogue) had time to chat with Christian Estrosi about the state of the fashion industry in France. Anna urged the minister to consider supporting emerging designers and other careers in the industry to ensure the future of the trade.

First, it was fashion taking on media and entertainment (including television, artists and web) and now the industry is taking over the world. France has always been the synonymous with top designers, unbelievable couture and the most reputable brands in the industry. This past year the country has taken a huge hit to the trade, which employees about 125,000 Frenchmen and women. This fashion investment could be exactly what France needs to revitalize the industry and regain it’s power as the leading fashion capital of the world. At this rate Vogue may soon become another political party in the American system! They have enough believers, money, power and influence to do so. Anna for President 2012? But then who would run Vogue? Dilemma.

This isn’t the first time that Anna has influenced a retail stimulus.  Little know fact is that Anna Wintour is an honorary chair of Obama’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities. In 2003 she set up to CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund to support emerging designers, and in 2009 she worked with Mayor Bloomberg to create Fashion’s Night Out, another event (which wasn’t completely successful) to lure shoppers to stores and spend.

Retail has always been dependent on the economy, but in the age of Anna, it might just be the other way around.


Fashion 2.0 Startup Showcase

Posted in Events by inthenameoffashion on January 20, 2010

Last night I was lucky enough to make it out to the Fashion 2.0 Startup Showcase and had a front row seat! I was amazed at the possibilities brought to fashion by way of technology, including:

– CovetedList ( – micro-personalization of shopping by body type, preference, etc. Basically this website tells you all the caveats of every piece of clothing you’re browsing, through a massive content organizational engine.

-Market Publique ( – similar to an eBay for vintage fashion online

– uDorse ( – picture endorsement game where you can tag your own photo and receive discounts from retailers for “udorsing” their product

But the most brilliant thing I saw (being a nerd myself) was Diana Eng’s integration of technology with fashion ( Below is an example of trends and statistics in fashion:

Also encountered a lot of VCs who had some real critiques to the startups. I’ve never seen anything like this (except on reality TV) and it must have been completely terrifying to have an outsider ripping apart your business plan in front of 90 strangers.

This is all apart of any entreprenuer founding their own ideas. Be it a designer, tech guru or non-profit, these are all necessary steps. I am in awe of their ability to persist despite criticism, a quality that will inevitably lead to success.

Good luck to you all!

Amazing PR people at DKNY

Posted in Events by inthenameoffashion on January 18, 2010

If any of you were at the DKNY store on Fashion’s Night Out last September 11,2 009, you would have seen the cutest Coco Rocha and her dance troupe performing a serious Irish Jig.

Coco Rocha and her dance troupe performing an Irish Jig at the DKNY store for FNO, Sept 11 2009

This morning I found DKNY’s new marketing campaign which is a series of videos only released on the web to advertise their Cozy Sweater and the Eldridge handbag.

Ad: DKNY’s Cozy Sweater

(I wish I could embed this video but for some reason wordpress won’t allow me to embed non-youtube or non-google videos? Ridiculous.)

Anyway flashback to FNO – enjoying the Irish Jig, what I didn’t realize that what I had just saw was a COMMERCIAL for DKNY. This was a perfect set up for DKNY to display their Cozy Sweater, which would later be confirmed by the Cozy Sweater ad video! Genius! Bravo to the PR people at DKNY that had seen the perfect opportunity to promote their product. As an innocent viewer, my only comment on Coco’s troupe’s outfit was that it was wonderfully matched and coordinated. Little did I know…

Another note on this topic, DKNY has only released this advertisement on the web. I would love to see the ROI on this campaign. Another stamp to confirm the eruption of web as the new medium for advertisement. Deviating from only traditional print and television ads, the new medium will be focused on the web with supplements from both print and television. The cost savings of new marketing budgets will clearly translate into results, making LVMH a happy camper.