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Alexander Wang – the Cult

Posted in Designers by inthenameoffashion on January 19, 2010

“They want something they can’t find everywhere. They want that discovery. You know, they want to feel like they found something special, they buy it, they wear it, and they’re special when they go out.”
– Alexander Wang, NYTimes video, posted Feb 13, 2009
Alexander Wang is the golden boy of fashion, spurring the “model off duty look”. He has also been knighted by the Queen herself, Anna Wintour. Basically, if you don’t know Alexander Wang, you probably need to get out from under the rock you’ve been living under.

Everyone just wants to feel good and special. If this is something that can be accomplished by wearing a certain brand of clothing, then the designer has done their job.

There is a certain air of exclusivity associated with Alexander Wang. The A. Wang religion is celebrated by his model friends and a gang of celebrity followers, who live and die by his next collection. Women often refer to his designs as their favorite pieces, because it makes them look good and feel great. There is that feeling of joining a special club once you have purchased a piece from his line. Associated with the punk-rock-I-don’t-care-what-you-think-I’m-going-to-do-what-I-want attitude, Alexander Wang has also been about simplicity, great fabrics and cuts. As an owner of one very special tank from his T collection, every time I slip on the tank I feel divine. The fabric is utterly soft against my skin and I can wear it day to night without problem. When wearing it out, I feel as though I have the best kept secret on, where to the common eye is just a tank but to the trained eye this is a celebrated piece from a brilliant designer.

I too subscribe to the Alexander Wang cult, and his cute and innocent personality doesn’t hurt either.