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LFW Front Row Seats for Free

Posted in London Fashion Week, Web by inthenameoffashion on February 3, 2010

British Fashion Week is taking their pursuit of being the top fashion week seriously. Just reported today in WWD, BFW is giving the option to designers at the Somerset House and on-schedule designers to live stream their fashion shows. You can also expect film shorts by Hussein Chalayan, Boudicca, Antoni & Alison, Danielle Scutt and Twenty8Twelve playing in between shows on the website They also have created a LFW Blackberry application! Read the press release here.

This is absolutely revolutionary in the democratization of fashion. You no longer have to be an EIC, hold major influence or know someone in the industry to have the best seat and view fashion shows in real time! Bloggers will not have to wait for other people to upload photos or go to company websites to view the shows, it will be all in one website. Without a doubt, this will create a huge buzz for LFW which is slowly taking the lead as the most anticipated fashion week (even if it isn’t just for the designs). It will only be a matter of time before NYFW jumps on this bandwagon, though I can see Paris and Milan taking their time to catch up.

Some fashion houses may not want to participate in this program, as it will take away traffic to their individual websites.  Others may not want to participate because they want to preserve the traditional fashion week protocol. With the allure of free publicity, many of the smaller designers will stream their shows and perhaps with the influence of the British Fashion Council, more prominent designers will agree to the same. On the other hand, this adds a layer of complexity to running fashion week. Not only does PR / production have to plan, organize and successfully pull off fashion shows, but now they have a technological element that may be out of their control. Probably a good idea to have Nick Knight on hand to advise.

Regardless, we all know what this means: a huge lack of productivity Feb 19 to 24.


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  1. Valentin Giger said, on February 16, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    For me that sounds interesting, who knows what the future will bring… Lets wait for it…

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