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Amazing PR people at DKNY

Posted in Events by inthenameoffashion on January 18, 2010

If any of you were at the DKNY store on Fashion’s Night Out last September 11,2 009, you would have seen the cutest Coco Rocha and her dance troupe performing a serious Irish Jig.

Coco Rocha and her dance troupe performing an Irish Jig at the DKNY store for FNO, Sept 11 2009

This morning I found DKNY’s new marketing campaign which is a series of videos only released on the web to advertise their Cozy Sweater and the Eldridge handbag.

Ad: DKNY’s Cozy Sweater

(I wish I could embed this video but for some reason wordpress won’t allow me to embed non-youtube or non-google videos? Ridiculous.)

Anyway flashback to FNO – enjoying the Irish Jig, what I didn’t realize that what I had just saw was a COMMERCIAL for DKNY. This was a perfect set up for DKNY to display their Cozy Sweater, which would later be confirmed by the Cozy Sweater ad video! Genius! Bravo to the PR people at DKNY that had seen the perfect opportunity to promote their product. As an innocent viewer, my only comment on Coco’s troupe’s outfit was that it was wonderfully matched and coordinated. Little did I know…

Another note on this topic, DKNY has only released this advertisement on the web. I would love to see the ROI on this campaign. Another stamp to confirm the eruption of web as the new medium for advertisement. Deviating from only traditional print and television ads, the new medium will be focused on the web with supplements from both print and television. The cost savings of new marketing budgets will clearly translate into results, making LVMH a happy camper.


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